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 IMPORTANT: Inactive user accounts

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IMPORTANT: Inactive user accounts Empty
PostSubject: IMPORTANT: Inactive user accounts   IMPORTANT: Inactive user accounts EmptyWed 01 Sep 2010, 12:10 am

During the allmost 18 months these forums have been online now, there have been a number of inactive accounts amongst the members who have registered. People who register, their accounts are activated, but they then in fact never login and visit the forums ATALL. And people who do not visit these forums for several months or more. I assume due to the inactivity of these users, that these particular users are not really interested in these forums.

I have in the past emailed these particular users saying to please login and visit the forums within the next 30 days if they wish their account to remain inactive. But to save on admin work now, the following changes will apply with immediate effect.

* I will no longer be sending emails out requesting inactive users login to their account within 30 days otherwise their account will be deleted.

* If you register, but do not login and visit the forums ATALL within ONE MONTH of the date you registered, your account will be DELETED.

* If you have not logged in and visited these forums for a period of NINE MONTHS, then your account will be DELETED. This will ONLY apply to users who have not submitted ANY postings.

For users who HAVE submitted postings to these forums however, but have not visited here for some months. Then I have NO plans to just delete those particular users just like that.

So basically to summarise. To those users(and there are a number of you) who have not submitted ANY postings to these forums, then please login and visit these forums at least once every six months if you wish your account to remain active. Otherwise if I see you haven't logged in for several months or not even logged in atall since registering, then your accounts may be deleted without notification.

Thanks for your time in reading this annoucement.

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IMPORTANT: Inactive user accounts
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