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 Once you've registered, do login!

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Sauna Meister
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Sauna Meister

PostSubject: Once you've registered, do login!   Sun 13 May 2012, 10:03 am

We're still getting a surprising number of people who register on these forums, but who never login once I activate their accounts. Which I can't understand. Please note that once you register and I approve and activate your account, you are then free to login using your username and password you registered with. You will be sent an auto email which conforms your account is activated, but unlike some other forums you do not need to open the email and click an activation link to login. So once you've registered, keep trying to login regularly untill I've activated your account. I aim to active new accounts within 24 hours max of the time they registered.

As I mentioned in the other thread on here, any members who do not login within ONE month of me activating their account will be deleted as I consider then an inactive account. Otherwise if I didn't take this action we'd probably have well over 1000 members of these forums by now, but the large bulk of them would be inactive members which would be ridiculous. So that's why I delete any inactive accounts - see the seperate thread about this.

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Once you've registered, do login!
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