The place to chat about clothing optional/textile-free saunas and spas
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 What these forums are about

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Sauna Meister

PostSubject: What these forums are about   Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:18 pm

For those of you who've found your way to these forums for the first time, and are browsing this public part of the forums. A bit about what these forums are about. These forums are about clothing optional/textile-free(clothing not permitted) saunas and spas. It is for registered members to post their reviews about the saunas/spas they've visited, and also for us to chat about the clothing optional/textile-free sauna and spa scene. Ultimately we are hoping to start some campains to get British venues to introduce mixed clothing optional/textile-free sessions. But this is some way off yet as we do not have enough members, or enough women on these forums for us to be in a strong enough position to start any such campaigns.

What these forums are NOT about. And I have to be careful here as otherwise the words will be picked up by search engines and hence start attracting the wrong crowd to these forums. So I've asterisked some of the words, but you should be able to work out what these words are. If the types of saunas and spas you are looking for are sw**g*rs clubs or m*ss*ge p*rlo*rs, then these forums are certainly not for you. These sorts of places are not what this forum is about. If you wish to find out and chat about those particular types of saunas/spas, then there will be websites you can find elsewhere on the internet.

Again these forums are about decent respectable saunas and spas which have a clothing optional or textile-free dress code.
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What these forums are about

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