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 Username requirements when registering

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Username requirements when registering Empty
PostSubject: Username requirements when registering   Username requirements when registering EmptySun 27 Dec 2009, 1:10 am

Just a quick word of advice for anyone registering as a member of this forum. Please choose sensible usernames when registering, otherwise your registration will be rejected. Usernames such as seemingly robot random generated usernames such as ttsttstts, lsjklfdkljklj88, and bvcvhjghjg34221 for example will certainly NOT be accepted, and these accounts will NOT be activated. Other examples of the types of usernames which will be instantly rejected would be any crude/explicit usernames.

Some examples of username formats which are acceptable are your first name i.e. Sarah, or your first name and initial of your surname i.e. John K. Or for example your username could be a bit more constructive such as Spa Fan 1979, Sauna Mad, etc. Or maybe based on fictional comic book/TV/Film characters such as say Bash Street Kid, Korgy The Cat, Charly Chalk, Fitz, or whatever.

Anyway, I think that pretty much sums up the username requirements if you wish to join these fourms.

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Username requirements when registering
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